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Penalty game: Review & Test of Penalty Shoot Out Street

Written by Eric Van Allen  June 27, 2024 Last modified on June 27, 2024

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We have one desire: to share our passion for online casinos and our discoveries in mini-games. The Roundme team has noticed the excitement around the Penalty Game and now wishes to share a complete test and full documentation on its operation.

Play in demo mode (100% free) on Penalty Shoot Out Street:

What is the Penalty Game?

Officially launched on July 1, 2023 in the gaming world, the Penalty Game is an original idea by Evoplay, one of the most prominent publishers in recent months. On a football field, you simply participate in a penalty shootout to try and win up to 32 times your bet! Similar to a minesweeper game, you get multipliers based on the number of goals scored, but a save by the goalkeeper can cause you to lose everything.

In the Penalty Game Casino, you can bet up to $75 and walk away with a jackpot of $2,400 in a single game. Evoplay has also added the option to cash out at any time during the game to end your session and take home your winnings. A simple and effective mini-game, it has gone viral on TikTok and other social networks in just a few weeks.

Features of the Penalty Game casino

Before starting to play the Penalty Game, we strongly recommend that you understand all its features and how it works. To guide you better, our teams have simply used the demonstration mode to isolate each of the options provided by Evoplay.

Choose your team

Before participating in the famous penalty shootout, Evoplay first asks you to select a nation from the offered ones: Brazil, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, France, or Switzerland. This only changes the footballer's outfit, dressing him in the gear of your favorite nation (no effect on RTP or winning probabilities).

Set a bet

The second step on Penalty Shoot Out Street is simply to select a bet for the next game. Evoplay accepts between $1 and $75 for each penalty shootout session. You just need to use the widget directly on the software to set the amount you want to place. Roundme recommends you double-check before you start playing for real.

Beat the goalkeeper

This mini-game is very simple: you need to beat the goalkeeper in a penalty shootout. Evoplay allows you to either tap the ball in front of you to shoot it randomly, or click on the desired area to place your shot yourself. Once the move is made, your player takes a shot, and several situations can occur:

  • The goalkeeper saves the ball: you lose your bet, and the game ends
  • The ball hits the net: the associated multiplier is added to your cashout amount

Specifically, Penalty Shoot Out Street allows you to win:

  • ⚽ (1 goal): x2
  • ⚽⚽ (2 goals): x4
  • ⚽⚽⚽ (3 goals): x12
  • ⚽⚽⚽⚽ (4 goals): x20
  • ⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽ (5 goals): x32

Each time you score, you must decide whether to continue or not. It's your decision: either you complete the penalty shootout session to try to win the x32 jackpot, or you play it safe, fearing a miraculous save by the goalkeeper.

Cash out your winnings

As you have understood, Evoplay allows you to cash out your winnings at any time on the Penalty Game. As soon as a shot is scored, the associated multiplier is simply added to your pot, and you can decide to end the game by clicking on "Cash out". Automatically, the winnings from Penalty Shoot Out Street are credited to your game account balance!

The best strategies for the Penalty Game Casino

After several sessions on the Penalty Game, we have managed to come up with some interesting strategies that you can implement right now in demo mode or real mode:


You've noticed: scoring a goal in Penalty Shoot Out Street can double your bet. This multiplier was not chosen at random by Evolplay; it actually allows for a martingale strategy! Basically, you just need to start playing with an initial bet of $1, double at each loss, and return to the initial bet after each win. However, the $75 limit may block you after 7 consecutive losses.

Trying to win the match

To hit the x32 jackpot, you need to score all five penalties against the Penalty Shoot Out Street goalkeeper. For this, we have noticed that you need to stay in the game for quite a while! The best advice we can give is to set a bet that never exceeds 5% of your bankroll ($5 for $100 of playing capital). By adhering to this management, you have enough attempts to reach the maximum x32 win. By lowering this percentage to 1 or 2%, you can further secure your Penalty Shoot Out games.

Sign up with the best casino

Evoplay is a widely represented publisher online, offering its games on many collections. However, the best way to win at the Penalty Game is to get generous bonuses and loyalty points based on your bets. Therefore, we recommend carefully choosing the casino where you will play Penalty Shoot Out Street: don't hesitate to use one of the ones selected by the Roundme team.

All characteristics of the Penalty Game

Many Roundme readers are advanced players and need to know all the characteristics of casino games before deciding to play them. For the Penalty Game, we visited Evoplay's official website to review its documentation and know all its specifics.

🤓 Zoom in on the Penalty Game:

  • Bet limits: from $1 to $75;
  • Maximum multiplier: x32;
  • Maximum win: $2,400;
  • Volatility: Medium;
  • RTP: 96%.

The Penalty Game is currently categorized in the "Mini-games" sections of various online casinos. It can even be considered a minesweeper game, as you need to get increasingly significant multipliers and can cash out at any time. However, Evoplay shows a maximum win of "only" $2,400.

Play the Penalty Game for free

If you want to try this mini-game first, note that the Roundme developers have integrated a free mode of the Penalty Game at the top of this page. It can help you get a feel for how it works and start setting up your own strategy without taking too much risk.

🎁 Play the Penalty Game for free:

  • From our page, click on "Play Penalty Game for free";
  • Receive 5,000 DEM to play unlimited;
  • 🏆 Take penalty shots without paying.

We want to inform you that the Penalty Game in demo mode uses the same random draws and features as the real mode. This means it's not easier to win in demo mode! An excellent way, in our opinion, to see the reality of Penalty Shoot Out Street before starting with euros or cryptocurrencies.

Play in real mode on the Penalty Game

Now that you know exactly how the Penalty Game works, you can consider playing with real money to try and win up to $2,400 in a single game. To do this, it's very simple, just follow our experts' advice (less than 3 minutes required, starting from scratch).

🤑 Play the Penalty Game in real mode:

  • Sign up on an Evoplay partner casino;
  • Make a first deposit and receive a registration bonus;
  • Launch the "Penalty Game" available in the collection;
  • Place a bet between $1 and $75;
  • 🏆 Take a shot to win up to 32 times your bet.

It's as simple as that! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, you should have no trouble starting to play this online gambling game. Generally, you can use a bank card (Visa, Mastercard), an e-wallet (Skrill, Neteller, Paypal), or cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether) to deposit and play.

Warning: Stay responsible on the Penalty Game

This is a point the Roundme team wants to emphasize: you must absolutely play responsibly on the Penalty Game for money. Indeed, it is a game based solely on chance that can make you win but also make you lose. When you launch Evoplay's software, you must invest only money you are willing to lose and follow responsible gaming recommendations. This game should remain a form of entertainment and pleasure, and can in no way change your life.

Our opinion on the Penalty gambling game

Roundme had a lot of fun trying the Penalty Game when it was released in 2023. We immediately understood that Evoplay has once again used the latest 3D technologies to offer its users the chance to play a football mini-game on mobile! This penalty shootout session is not quite like the others, as it allows you to multiply your bet up to 32 times.

We are delighted to see that the Penalty Game has gained so much traction in recent months, and we are confident that this is just the beginning of its story. As we write this, many people are immersed in football daily with Euro 2024, and we are sure this is a casino game that fits perfectly with this period. Penalty Shoot Out Street receives a rating of 4.8/5 from the Roundme experts.


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Last modified on : June 27, 2024

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