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Wanted Dead or a Wild : Slot machine Hacksaw Gaming

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Roundme's team is always on the lookout for the latest discoveries in the world of slot machines. In order to meet the expectations of beginners as well as casino game enthusiasts, we have chosen the slot machine "Wanted Dead or a Wild". This selection is designed to offer a captivating experience accessible to all, thanks to its straightforward game mechanics and immersive atmosphere that immerses players in a Western world full of mysteries and rewards to discover.

presentation of Wanted Dead or a Wild

Wanted Dead or a Wild : What is it?

The “Wanted Dead or a Wild” slot machine developed by Hacksaw Gaming is an online casino game that combines the excitement of the Wild West with various modern game features.

bonus features of Wanted Dead or a Wild

🔍Here is a detailed overview of the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot machine :



Theme and graphics

🤠Western theme : Inspired by the time of the Wild West, with cowboys, saloons, and duels.

🎨Detailed graphics : Rich illustrations capturing the wild west atmosphere.

Game mechanics

🎰Slot machine format : Typically 5-reel with multiple paylines.

🔫 Feature symbols : Includes outlaws, sheriffs, money bags, revolvers, etc.

Gaming Experience

🎮Animation and sound : Smooth animations and immersive sound effects for a captivating experience.

💰Variety of bets : Flexible betting options suitable for different budgets.

Earning potential

💸Jackpots and multipliers : Potential for progressive jackpots and significant winning multipliers.

What are the different features of the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot machine?

The symbols

The symbols on the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot machine are divided into several categories :

  • The Wild acts as a joker connecting with all other symbols except for those that trigger bonus features.
  • 10 symbols divided into two distinct categories :
    • Premium symbols are rare but offer significant winnings when part of a winning combination, reminiscent of the Wild West era.
    • Common symbols are more frequent and offer lower winnings. They represent the high values of a card game: the Ace, the King, the Queen, the Jack, and the 10.

In the image below, you will find the values of each symbol for an initial bet of €1.

symbol of Wanted Dead or a Wild

Possible connections

Equipped with a relatively large initial grid compared to most slot machines, Wanted Dead or a Wild offers only 15 different paylines as illustrated in the image below :

connections of Wanted Dead or a Wild

For a connection to be valid, a symbol must appear at least once on the first 3 columns of the machine and on a payline. The more a symbol extends on a connection line, the higher the final gain will be.

📌Important note : The connections on the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot machine work only from left to right and only the highest win per line will be taken into account.

How the bonus works

Wanted Dead or a Wild offers several bonus features. The first is triggered when the symbol “Duel” appears at least three times in a single round. In this case, the slot machine gives you 10 free spins, without the possibility of winning additional free spins.

During these 10 free spins, you will only have access to one feature: the base game. However, during these rounds, the “VS” symbol appears much more frequently than in the base game. Multipliers remain unchanged, ranging from x2 to x100.

The second bonus feature is activated when the symbol “The Great Train Robber” appears at least three times in a single round. Like the other bonus, this triggers 10 free spins, without the possibility of winning more. In this bonus feature, each “Wild” symbol that appears on the screen remains fixed in its position until the end of the free spins, thus increasing your chances of substantial winnings. During these free spins, the “VS” symbol is excluded and the wild symbols retain a fixed multiplier of x1 until the end of the bonus. These rounds are the least volatile among the three available bonuses.

The last bonus feature of this slot machine is also the most volatile. To trigger it, you must get the “Dead” symbol at least 3 times in the same game round. Once this is done, you will be directed to a new page where a unique bonus feature awaits you.

The features of Wanted Dead or a Wild

To help you understand the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot machine, we present its unique features :


The Wanted Dead or a Wild slot machine features an innovative mechanic known as DuelReels™. These are activated by the appearance of “VS” symbols, which turn into wild reels when they contribute to a winning combination after their expansion. This mechanic features a fierce duel between two outlaws. Regardless of the outcome, the winner's multiplier is applied to all symbols on the reel, increasing the winnings. If multiple wild reels are involved in the same winning combination, their multipliers are cumulative to increase the winnings of the payline.

The great train robbery bonus game

Plunge into the excitement of the great train robbery with the Wanted Dead or a Wild bonus game. In this captivating feature, you are transported to the heart of an epic train robbery. Each Wild symbol that appears becomes sticky, remaining in place for an unlimited number of spins. Accumulate these Wild symbols to maximize your chances of forming repeated winning combinations and winning huge prizes. Get ready for an action-packed adventure and rewards in this memorable bonus game!

Duel at Dawn Bonus Game

In the Duel at Dawn Bonus game, nothing equals the tension of a classic confrontation at dawn, in the heart of a dusty main street, where saloon doors screech in the wind and spectators nervously watch. This feature offers an increased chance of obtaining multiple VS symbols at once, potentially filling up to five extended DuelReels™ on the screen!

Dead Man’s Hand Bonus Game

This bonus game consists of two distinct phases: in the first, your mission is to collect as many Wild symbols and multipliers as possible in preparation for the big face-off of the second phase, the Showdown. During the Showdown, all collected Wild symbols are added randomly to each spin, with the multiplier accumulation applied to all winnings.

Bonus Purchase

Using the bonus purchase feature allows you to skip the wait at the saloon and instantly access one of the spectacular bonus games available.

⭐ Below is a table representing the data related to the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot machine :






15 paylines


€0.20 to €100.00

Maximum win



96.38 %

Symbols to trigger the bonus


Play the Wanted Dead or a Wild Demo for free

Explore Wanted Dead or a Wild in free demo mode to discover all its features without risking real money. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Wild West, test the different bonus games and familiarize yourself with the symbols and mechanisms of this exciting slot machine. It's the perfect opportunity to refine your strategy before switching to real mode.

Play in real mode on Wanted Dead or a Wild

Immerse yourself in the action with Wanted Dead or a Wild in real mode to feel all the excitement of the game with real bets at stake. Face off against outlaws, trigger lucrative bonuses and aim for the big prizes available. With features like the DuelReels™ and unique bonus games, every spin offers the promise of an intense adventure and potentially lucrative rewards. Get ready for the ultimate online Wild West experience!

Our opinion on the Wanted Dead or a Wild slot machine

Wanted Dead or a Wild is a captivating creation by Hacksaw Gaming that brings players into the legendary Wild West world in style. The detailed graphics and immersive atmosphere perfectly capture the spirit of the era. Equipped with innovative features like DuelReels™, which add a unique dynamic to the bonus games, this slot machine offers a gaming experience full of surprises and winning potential. Whether it's for free play in demo mode or trying your luck in real mode, Wanted Dead or a Wild promises a thrilling adventure with every spin of the reels.


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