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Haven't heard of mini-games casinos yet? On our website, we want to introduce you to this new trend that arrived a few years ago in the gaming world! Discover all the best mini-games of the moment and everything you need to know about these types of games.

Top rankings of mini-games casinos in Canada (Update 2023)

Best mini-game casino selected by players: Plinko

Best mini-game casino selected by our experts: Aviator

Best mini-game casino selected to be the most fun: Lucky Jet

Best mini-game casino selected to be the most strategic: Mines

Best mini-game casino selected to be the most beautiful design: JetX

🔥 MARKET RESEARCH : In order to successfully conduct our investigation into player behaviours, we collaborated with an organization renowned for its expertise in conducting opinion polls and market studies. This entity carried out a survey involving 100,000 active players. Moreover, we dedicated substantial time to reviewing feedback related to each online casino mini-game from over 20 countries. This exhaustive analysis required significant time and expertise investment from our teams. Additionally, to ensure the integrity of our process, we took care to personally test each mini-game in order to establish a quality criterion before recommending it.

Our selection of mini-games casinos for Canadian players

After numerous tests conducted by our experts and reviewing thousands of player opinions online, we have managed to compile a list of the best mini-games casinos of the moment. Without further ado, we want to share with you the games that are thrilling us the most right now!


We have also fallen in love with Spribe's Plinko game! This creation, introduced in 2020 and often called "Ball Game" allows you to launch balls from the top of a pyramid and try to make them land in multiplier squares going up to x555. In just a few clicks, users can win up to $55,500 on the Plinko game. Discover Plinko casino game now with our test.

Plinko casino game
Bonus : $500


Note : ★★★★★ (3747 reviews)

Providers : Spribe

Release Date : 2020

Maximum profit : $55,500


Created by the excellent studio Spribe, Aviator casino game is one of the favorite mini-games casinos in Canada! You take control of a red plane and must try to soar high into the sky to get closer to the $10,000 jackpot. The possibility of doubling your bet and its simplicity logically propel this crash mini-game into our current favorites. Don't hesitate to discover Aviator through the comprehensive test by our specialists.

Aviator casino game
Bonus : $500


Note : ★★★★★ (3203 reviews)

Providers : Spribe

Release Date : 2020

Maximum profit : $10,000

Lucky Jet

Lucky Jet Casino is a game that is much less known than the others, but it's a real gem! Available in only a few online casinos, this exclusive crash game features the character Lucky Joe, who takes to the sky with his jetpack. With a multiplier going up to x10,000, its potential is simply colossal! Check out our complete article dedicated to Lucky Jet now.

Lucky Jet casino game
Bonus : $850

Lucky Jet

Note : ★★★★★ (7963 reviews)

Providers : 1Win

Release Date : 2023

Maximum profit : $1,000,000


Introduced in 2019 by Smartsoft Gaming, JetX is often called the "Rocket Game" It's a pure and hard crash game that offers an interesting potential as players can aim for a $10,000 jackpot if the fighter jet flies very high in the sky. It's clearly our favorite mini-game! We have also written a comprehensive JetX casino game review and offer a demo mode directly on our platform.

JetX casino game
Bonus : $850


Note : ★★★★★ (2411 reviews)

Providers : Smartsoft Gaming

Release Date : 2019

Maximum profit : $10,000


Developed by the excellent game developer Spribe in August 2021, Mines casino is one of the go-to choices when talking about casino mini-games. With an ultra-simple gameplay, you must find the stars on a grid and avoid the bombs! An online casino version of Minesweeper that captivated us immediately, allowing players to win up to $10,000 in a single game. Don't hesitate to try Mines for yourself directly on our site.

Mines casino game
Bonus : $500


Note : ★★★★★ (1338 reviews)

Providers : Spribe

Release Date : 2021

Maximum profit : $10,000

Comparison Canada : best online casino mini-games

Games Bonus Application mobile Social - Multiplayer Cryptocurrencies Provably Fair
Plinko $500 No No Yes Yes
Aviator $500 No Yes Yes Yes
Lucky Jet $850 Yes Yes Yes Yes
JetX $850 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mines $500 No No Yes Yes

The best types of mini-games with success in 2023

Currently, we have noticed that various types of mini-games are being developed and launched on certain casinos. To better understand the differences between each type of mini-game, we would like to introduce them to you one by one!

Plinko type mini-games

This is one of the most popular categories of mini-games among Canadian players and worldwide. Plinko games are clearly inspired by the television game show "The Price is Right" from an American TV show and also the famous Pachinko. The goal is simple: launch balls from the top of a pyramid full of obstacles and aim for the best multipliers located at its base.

➡️ Play a Plinko mini-game:

  • Place a bet (usually between $0.10 and $1,000);
  • Launch a ball from the top of the pyramid;
  • Wait for the ball to descend;
  • 💰 Collect the multiplier where the ball lands!

WIN 1 MILLION EURO at Plinko casino game !

On our site, we have tried several Plinko casino mini-games. As much as possible, we want to introduce them all and even offer a demo version. These games provide very simple gameplay, and just a few clicks can get you started playing.

Crash type mini-games

This is the very first type of casino mini-games that hit the market in 2019 with the famous Aviator. Clearly, crash games are redefining online entertainment! The games are multiplayer, a plane takes off, the further it goes, the higher the multiplier increases. Your goal is to cash out before the crash!

➡️ Play a Crash mini-game:

  • Place a bet (usually between $0.10 and $1,000);
  • Wait for the start of the next round;
  • 💰 Cash out before the plane crashes!

It's as simple as that! Be aware that these casino mini-games usually allow players to aim for quite impressive multipliers, sometimes going up to x10,000. It's undoubtedly the star of social media, a type of mini-game that attracts millions of users every month.

Mines type mini-games

Publishers have also decided to revisit the famous Minesweeper game in a casino version! That's how mine mini-games have appeared on various online casinos, and they have been a huge success. The goal is simple: progress on a grid and cash out before hitting a bomb!

➡️ Play a Mines mini-game:

  • Place a bet (usually between $0.10 and $1,000);
  • Open a box and find a star;
  • 💰 Cash out or continue playing!

A perfect game of Mines Casino | BIG WIN !

We are particularly fond of the mine mini-games in casinos, and we want to present you with the best ones available directly on our site. These titles are played solo only, allowing you to quickly move from one game of Mines to another!

All you need to know about casino mini-games

If these next-generation games are so popular and attract so many users worldwide, it's not without reason. We would now like to unveil the different characteristic features of these games, their potential, and the new technologies used.

Payments on mini-games casinos

These types of games are designed to be playable with a wide range of currencies and monetary systems! The greatest characteristic of casino mini-games is that they can be played with both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. This is an advantage for modern players who want to enjoy new platforms.

💳 Payment methods on a mini-game:

  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, USDT, BNB, and many more;
  • E-wallets: Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, EcoPayz, and many more;
  • Credit/debit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and many more;
  • Prepaid vouchers: Neosurf, Ticket Premium, Paysafecard;
  • Bank transfers.

Indeed, the payment solutions for playing a casino mini-game depend on the specific casino you sign up for. As you will quickly notice, the majority of platforms offering mini-games in their collections are crypto casinos, which allow deposits with a wide range of digital currencies.

Casino mini-games payment method

Source: (Infography)

New technologies used

Casino mini-games also incorporate new technologies used in the gaming world and reinvent the industry. For this reason, we are absolutely convinced that these titles will be part of the future of online casinos. Let us introduce you to some technologies used in the best casino mini-games.

🕹️ A closer look at the technologies of mini-games:

  • Provably Fair: Based on blockchain technology, this option is offered on the majority of titles and allows players to independently verify the fairness and accuracy of each draw using SHA256 hashing.
  • Social Modules: This is a feature currently available only on casino mini-games. Publishers directly integrate the ability to chat with other users, share bets, and communicate within the game.
  • Multiplayer Mode: Especially for crash mini-games, you participate in the same game as thousands of other players. This is why there is a waiting time of 5 to 10 seconds between each takeoff.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Almost all casino mini-games offer the option to play with cryptocurrencies, allowing for micro-bets on certain casinos. We have encountered mini-games where a bet as low as $0.0001 is possible. This technology is useful for its transparency, anonymity, and security as well.

Certainly, analyzing all these aspects can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Thousands of online casinos are emerging, and many of them may be scams. That's why we recommend using our specialized website to avoid any mistakes and to play casino mini-games in the ideal space!

What is Provably Fair for mini-games casino ?

What is Provably Fair for mini-games casino ?

Source: (Infography)

Advanced Options for Players

If you wish to start playing a casino mini-game, you will quickly notice that many options and features are offered. This is a characteristic point of casino mini-games, which are generally fully customizable and allow for numerous strategies.

🎮 Zoom on available options:

  • Cashout: obviously, this is the basis of many casino mini-games. You can stop your game at any time by retrieving your stake or your already accumulated winnings. A simple click on the "Cashout" button instantly credits you the indicated money;
  • Two bets: many casino mini-games allow placing two separate bets on a single game. This option is heavily used to implement strategies or simply increase your betting capabilities, to double the betting ceiling authorized on games;
  • Automatic game: as you understand, casino mini-games are very quick to execute. That's why providers have set up an auto play system with advanced configuration for experienced players. Stake increase, stop loss, take profit, everything is customizable;
  • History: by placing many bets on a casino mini-game, you obviously need to have access to a precise history of your last games. The best mini-games offer a history of your bets, but also the bets of other players and Highrollers to inspire you!

The field of online casino mini-games is also advancing and many new options are offered by the various publishers. We are quite impressed by the ease of customization of each game on the available mini-games. This offers unprecedented freedom to players!

Play Casino Mini-Games for Free

Great news! We offer directly on our site the possibility to play for free all the best casino mini-games of the moment. We directly integrate demo modes on our test pages and allow you to play them without any registration or deposit. A boon if you want to discover these games!

🤓 Start playing a free casino mini-game:

  • Go to one of the mini-games on our site;
  • Click on the " Play for free " button;
  • Receive a fictitious balance of several thousand euros;
  • Play for free as much as you want!

If you are new to the world of Gaming and new casino mini-games, we strongly recommend starting by launching some demo modes to get the hang of it. It's the ideal space to discover the different features and develop your first strategies, without taking any risk.

How to play casino mini-games for free on

How to play casino mini-games for free on Roundme?

Source: (Infography)

Choosing a Mini-Games Casino

To start engaging in one of the best casino mini-games, you obviously need to find a casino that offers them. Our specialists work daily to find the most reliable, diverse, and secure platforms, to provide you with the best possible mini-game experience. To select them, we base our decisions on a few important points.

🕵️ Points to consider when choosing a mini-game casino:

  • Games: obviously, you need to verify that the operator offers mini-games and not just any mini-games! Check out the software available in the collection to make sure that the best ones are indeed present;
  • Bonuses: it would be a shame to arrive at an online mini-games casino and not be able to take advantage of an interesting welcome bonus, weekly promotions, and a worthwhile loyalty program. Take the time to verify the amounts offered, the frequency of bonuses, as well as their conditions;
  • Security: this is a point we particularly stress. The casino you select must not put your personal and banking data at risk, but must also offer a fair collection. The license, certificates, and encryption protocols must be analyzed;
  • Payments: depending on the platform, payment methods can be slightly different. Before signing up for an online mini-games casino, you need to ensure that your preferred method is available for deposits and withdrawals;
  • Customer Service: this is a point that many players neglect but can be important when getting into mini-games. Make sure you can be supported daily by a professional and responsive team.

Of course, analyzing all these points is a tedious and time-consuming task. Thousands of online casinos are currently emerging, and many can be scams. That's why we recommend that you use our specialized site to avoid making a mistake and to play casino mini-games in the ideal space!

Playing responsibly on casino mini-games

Our teams want to particularly emphasize this point! Casino mini-games indeed offer great winning opportunities and exciting potential, but they are still games of chance. Even when using the best techniques or strategies available, you can lose your entire bet and walk away with $0. You must be aware of this!

First and foremost, we advise you to play responsibly when trying out mini-games. This means setting a budget before you start playing and sticking to it! Only wager money that you can afford to lose and do not make additional deposits if you experience significant losses. Casino mini-games are meant to be entertainment and should always remain enjoyable.

An online casino mini-game is a streamlined version of traditional casino games. They are often incorporated into other casino games to provide increased diversity and engagement. It's the latest trend in online casinos to deliver maximum enjoyment to players.

To engage in online casino mini-games, you need to register on an online casino website. Once registered, you can select from a variety of mini-games available on the site. Each game will have its own rules, so be sure to read them before you start playing. You can try out demo versions directly on the trusted site

Yes, online casino mini-games are typically fair when provided by reputable online casinos. These casinos use random number generators to ensure the fairness of their games. However, it is always advisable to check the casino's license and reputation before playing.

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