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🎰 Release DateSeptember 6, 2020
🤖 PublisherSpribe
💰 Min. bet$0.2
💸 Max. bet$200
Max. Multiplier 555 x
💎 Volatility Medium
📈 RTP 98.00%

Plinko Game Online : the top ball casino game in Australia

With the simplicity of this casino mini-game developed by Spribe, heaps of players in Australia are loving Plinko! This game, released on 6th September 2020, continues to impress and offers a ripper potential for all its users. Get all the dinkum details about this creation from one of the best providers in the market right now.

What's Plinko all about?

Brought to you by Spribe in 2020, Plinko is a mini-casino game that offers bloody simple gameplay and a highly user-friendly interface. Clearly inspired by the telly show "The Price is Right," you find yourself facing a Plinko pyramid, where ya chuck one or more balls from the top and aim for the best multipliers at the bottom. Fair dinkum, it's not a walk in the park to aim since there are pins blocking the path of your ball!

Players who give Plinko a go can customise their games and take more or less risk to aim for winnings up to x555. Ya can drop a green, yellow, or red ball in the Plinko game, and depending on your choice, the potential varies a bit. Spribe is a bloody legend when it comes to "Turbo" games, and this title is the perfect example. It only takes a few clicks to get the hang of playing this highly intuitive game.

The 8 options available in the Plinko Casino game

Spribe is a ripper at developing casino games in Australia that offer options and features perfectly suited for players who want to quickly play consecutive rounds. Our experts have had a squiz at the Plinko Spribe game interface for ya, which should help you better prepare for your first games.

1) Bet

Plinko allows players to place bets between $0.20 and $200 per ball. In our opinion, this range is more than enough for all players to enjoy the game at their own pace. As you can see, this means you can win up to $111,000 per ball dropped.

2) Grid customization

You can place more or fewer pins on the grid of your Plinko pyramid. Spribe allows you to place 12 rows of white dots, 14 rows, or 16 rows. Depending on the number of obstacles you place, the multipliers at the bottom of the pyramid change.

3) Colored balls

When you start a game of Plinko, you must click on one of the colored buttons "Green," "Yellow," "Red" to launch a green, yellow, or red ball. Depending on the ball you launch, you can expect to hit different multipliers.

  • Green ball: from x0.5 to x35;
  • Yellow ball: from x0.3 to x118;
  • Red ball: from x0 to x555.

This range of multipliers is available considering all Plinko grid configurations. Depending on the number of pins you select, you can have a higher or lower minimum and maximum multiplier. Choose your ball wisely in this Plinko game; once it's launched, you can't go back.

4) Automatic play

As usual, Spribe allows all its users to play its Plinko mini-game 100% automatically. By clicking on the blue "Auto-Play" button to the left of the interface, you can launch up to 500 balls without having to click. This is quite interesting for experienced players.

➡️ Setting up auto-play:

  • Choose a ball color: green, yellow, red;
  • Choose the number of balls: between 3 and 500;
  • Set a stop based on a percentage of loss;
  • Set a stop based on a win;
  • Set a stop based on a percentage of profit;
  • Adjust the bet based on losses or wins.

Of course, you don't have to fill in all the numerous configurations of Plinko's automatic mode. You can simply choose some! However, if you are a very experienced player, you can fully configure your Plinko session and implement a strategy.

5) Results history

At the top of the Plinko game interface, you can see the latest results of your launched balls. If you have launched a large number of balls at the same time in the game, simply click on the "History" button to view up to the last 60 results. This option is very useful to know where you stand, whether you are in auto mode or manual mode.

6) Provably Fair

By clicking on the three small lines at the bottom right of the Plinko game, you can click on the "Provably Fair" button to verify the draw of each ball game session. The blockchain hashing technology is integrated by the provider, meaning you can follow the latest draws through a transparent seed! This simply guarantees the fairness of your Plinko games, which is excellent news!

Top tactics for Plinko Casino

You know us well by now; we always reveal the best strategies! On Plinko Spribe, our teams had time to try various techniques for several days, and some of them worked quite well. Discover our free strategies on Plinko.

Handle your betting funds

In Plinko, the best strategy is clearly to stay in the game as long as possible and launch as many balls as possible. This allows you to tame the variance and the RTP of 98.00% to increase your chances of reaching the pyramid's ends, which contain the cells with the best multipliers. For this, we advise you to place a maximum of 0.5% of your capital on each ball. This gives you 200 possible launches! Considering that it's rare to get x0 on Plinko, you should be able to drop over 10,000 balls and have a chance to hit a jackpot on the Spribe game.

Alternate ball colors

We noticed that volatility and RTP can be slightly modified depending on the color of the ball you launch in Plinko. You can, therefore, alternate the risks you take by switching between a green ball, a yellow ball, and a red ball. By making some gains with the lowest risks, you could stay in your gaming session long enough to hit the famous x555 jackpot. Many users use this Plinko strategy, and there's a good reason for it. However, be careful, as this does not guarantee a 100% chance of winning.


Some Plinko game settings can allow you to set up a martingale quite easily. We advise you to place 16 pins on the pyramid and launch yellow balls to try to reach the x2.3 multiplier. If you lose, simply double your bet, and if you win, return to the initial bet. This Plinko strategy is unique and slightly different from the classic roulette martingale since even the losing bets aren't really lost. Indeed, with this setting, you can also hit x0.2, x0.7, or x1 your bet. We recommend not changing your bet if you recover your stake with an x1.

Features of Plinko Casino

Players who want to try this mini-game are naturally wondering how much they can win on Spribe's Plinko. We want to give you all the information about the potential of this game. One thing is for sure, you'll quickly understand why so many players are drawn to this casino ball game.

🤓 A closer look at Plinko:

  • Betting limits: from $0.20 to $200 per ball;
  • Maximum multiplier: x555;
  • Maximum win: $111,000 per ball;
  • Volatility: Medium;
  • RTP: 98%.

There's no denying, the potential winnings on Plinko are quite impressive. Considering you can launch several dozen balls almost simultaneously, it's clear that the winnings can be enormous. Our experts recommend, however, not to get too carried away and to play responsibly, despite the high RTP and maximum multiplier available in the riskiest configuration.

Play Plinko for Free in Australia

Spribe has made it a habit to offer all of their creations to users through a 100% free demo mode. This means you can drop your first balls from the top of the pyramid without paying, without signing up, and without taking any risks. This is an opportunity you should definitely seize before diving into real play.

🎁 Play Plinko for free:

  • Click on "Play for Free" from the Plinko demo mode at the top of the page;
  • Be instantly credited with a virtual money balance;
  • ❤️ Launch as many balls as you want.

Starting by playing Plinko for free should allow you to develop strategies and also familiarize yourself with Spribe's interface. It's essential to start with this mode! Our developers have even integrated an API directly on this page, allowing you to easily play Plinko for the first time.

Play Plinko for Real Money in Straya

After taking the time to try the game, you're probably eager to play for real money and aim for the x555 jackpot! First, set a budget for Plinko, then simply follow the advice of our specialists to start playing for real money on this mini-game.

🤑 Play Plinko for real dollars:

  • Open an account at a selected online casino;
  • Fund your account and receive a signup bonus;
  • Find the "Plinko" game by Spribe in the collection;
  • Place a bet;
  • ❤️ Launch balls and win up to x555!

We appreciate the accessibility of this Plinko mini-game. Indeed, in less than 2 minutes, you can sign up on a 100% reliable platform selected by our specialists to start playing Plinko. Afterward, you can quickly withdraw your winnings once you have validated your registration by providing your identification documents.

Be careful : Play Responsibly on Plinko

As with all casino games, you can, of course, lose on Plinko! Absolutely no technique found on the internet can guarantee you a win. Most importantly, you should avoid risking your entire bankroll on a single bet, as this is the worst mistake made by some players too eager to win. Playing responsibly on Plinko also means investing only money that you can afford to lose. This is clearly the best advice we can give you to increase your chances of winning on Plinko!

Plinko: Our Final Thoughts on This Casino Mini-Game Phenomenon

Every time we give a game developed by Spribe a whirl, we're absolutely hooked, and Plinko is no exception, mate! The interface of this ripper casino mini-game is dead simple and visually appealing, making it a breeze for blokes and sheilas to get the hang of the ball game. All it takes is a couple of clicks to score a shot at winning up to x555 your bet, which could amount to a whopping $111,000 per ball. With an RTP of 98% and a fair dinkum level of volatility, this game's got the potential to blow your socks off, no doubt about it.

As for the game itself, we couldn't ask for anything better, mate. Plinko offers all the bloody brilliant options you need to put different strategies into action and customise each game to your liking. You've got three types of pyramids, three types of balls, and three lines of multipliers to choose from. And check this out, some setups even dish out a minimum return of x0.7 your bet, keeping you right in the running for Plinko's bloody jackpot for yonks. Our opinion of Plinko is top-notch, just like most players who've already had a ripper time with this beaut of a game.


Jonathan Quade - Expert writer of online casino games in Australia

Last modified on : June 3, 2023

Jonathan Quade, based in Australia, is a renowned specialist in online casinos. With extensive experience in the industry, he offers valuable insights and recommendations to players worldwide. Known for his expertise and unbiased approach, Jonathan's expertise enhances the online casino experience for both novices and seasoned gamblers.

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