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🎰 Release dateAugust 1, 2021
🤖 EditorSpribe
💰 Min. betCA$0.1
💸 Max. betCA$100
Max. multiplier 10000 x
💎 Volatility Medium
📈 RTP 97.00%

Mines Casino : The Minesweeper Game that lets You Win Money

It was in August 2021 that online casino players in Canada got to discover a new mini-game casino developed by the excellent provider, Spribe: Mines. Our specialists quickly realized that this title has impressive potential and a rather unique gameplay. Discover absolutely all the details about this exceptional creation!

What is Mines Casino?

On August 1, 2021, Spribe launched its mini-game Mines, following its line of other mini casino games aimed to revolutionize the world of Gaming. This time, the publisher wanted to revisit the classic game of Minesweeper typically played on Windows 98 and on older computers. The objective is exactly the same, you find yourself in front of a grid with hidden boxes. You have to find the stars and especially avoid the bombs!

Spribe's Mines game allows you to win up to $10,000 in a single game if you manage to solve one of the grids! As soon as you find a star, the amount of your cashout increases, and you can stop your game at any time. Be careful not to be too greedy, because if you hit a bomb, you lose all your stake placed on the Mines casino game. A very simple gameplay and interesting potential, which already delights thousands of players in Canada.

Available Options on Mines Casino Game

If you're a fan of next-generation casino games, you're starting to get to know Spribe. On its Mines game, we wanted to analyze all the options available to users. Read carefully before you start playing to increase your chances of winning!


Spribe gives you the chance to place a bet between $0.10 and $100 per stake on the Mines game. A very wide range that should suit all types of Canadian players. Simply use the buttons at your disposal to set your stake on Mines.

Changing the Number of Mines

In the Mines game, unlike many other games of this type, you cannot change the size of the grid. Spribe has chosen to leave a 5x5 grid, therefore a total of 25 squares, for all players. However, you have the option to place between 1 and 20 bombs on the Mines Casino grid. Of course, the more there are, the more complicated it is, the greater the multipliers!

Automatic Play

Spribe does not change its excellent habits by integrating an automatic play mode on Mines! Simply by activating the "Auto Game" button, you can set up your next games and simply watch the result, without having to click everywhere each time. A really useful feature for players who have a Mines strategy.

➡️ Setting up the auto game:

  • Activate the "Auto Game" button;
  • Select squares on the Mines grid;
  • Choose a bet to place on each round;
  • Click on the "Auto Play" button;
  • Select a number of sessions to launch;
  • Set a stop in case of loss;
  • Set a stop in case of winnings;
  • Click on the "Start Auto" button to start your Mines games.

Spribe even goes further by integrating "More options" into its automatic mode. Users can then set very specific characteristics such as a percentage increase in the stake depending on a loss or a win and many other options. Clearly, Spribe's Mines auto mode is one of the most advanced in the world of Gaming. An excellent point for the most experienced players.

Random Play

A "Random" button allows you to select squares on the Mines grid in a 100% random way thanks to the integrated RNG algorithm. This is very useful when you want to leave it to chance and when you are out of inspiration. This button can be used whether you are in manual or automatic mode on the Mines mini-game. Very convenient!


If you click on the three little lines at the bottom right of the Mines game interface, you can check the history of all your bets placed on the Spribe game. All details are displayed, the time, the amount of the bet, the amount of the cashout, and the multiplier reached. This is an absolutely indispensable feature if you play in automatic mode or if you string bets together. It allows you to track your results in real time and know where you stand on the Mines game.

Provably Fair Technology

Spribe always incorporates the new Provably Fair technology into its mini-games to guarantee total fairness in draws. You just have to go to your bet history or to the "Provably Fair" tab to be able to check all the details of each draw in a transparent manner. This technology uses blockchain and performs SHA512 hashing of different numbers to generate a guaranteed random result. A feature that makes us fans of Mines!

Best Strategies on Mines Casino

Before you start playing this work from one of the largest mini-game publishers on the market, we want to reveal some strategies for Mines. After hours of trials on the game, our specialists have managed to find some techniques to optimize your chances of winning on the game. Read our advice carefully.

Martingale Mines

As in roulette, you have the opportunity to implement the Martingale strategy on the Mines game. Our experts advise you to place 16 mines on the grid and always choose the same square. Place a fixed bet (for example $1), double when you lose and return to the initial bet if you win. By finding just one star, you get with this setup a x2.15 multiplier, which makes the Martingale strategy even more interesting than usual! We still recommend that you use this technique with caution, as the maximum betting limit is "only" $100.

Playing Automatically

To achieve the best results, many players use auto mode on Mines. It's an excellent technique since you stay on the same squares each time and can persist in aiming for the multiplier you want. By placing smart bets of a maximum of 0.5% to 1% of your bankroll, and with a little luck, you can string together some wins and quickly reach your goals. If you are a more experienced player, don't hesitate to configure the automatic mode more precisely by setting a stop loss or increasing your bet depending on the results. A Mines strategy that has proven profitable a number of times for our specialists.

Bankroll Management

Clearly, the best strategy on Mines is a technique used for most casino games. This consists simply of managing your bets with an iron fist and above all not to bet blindly based on your emotions. To do this, you need to allocate a specific budget for your gaming session and a profit target. Once you know these data, place bets of a maximum amount of 1% of your capital and play! With this, you have up to 100 rounds to win on Mines and you can stay in the game long enough to break the effect of variance. By managing your capital perfectly, you can sometimes achieve interesting winnings, but also by exiting at the right time, when you have reached your profit target on Mines!

All the Characteristics of Mines Casino

This is a question that often comes from new players who want to start playing Mines Casino. How much can you win? To answer this question, our specialists simply want to reveal all the features of the game developed by Spribe. As you will see, the potential of the mini-game is impressive.

🤓 Focus on Mines:

  • Betting limits: from $0.10 to $100;
  • Maximum multiplier: x10,000;
  • Maximum win: $10,000;
  • Volatility: Average;
  • RTP: 97%.

In a single game of Mines, users have the chance to win up to $10,000! A largely sufficient amount that should suit most players. Of course, this is only possible by taking a maximum risk, so be careful... Sometimes it is more profitable to go slowly and take smaller multipliers as your session progresses.

Play Mines for Free

Spribe is a publisher that thinks first and foremost about its players! To satisfy all online casino lovers, the provider has decided to put a demo version of Mines online, playable without any download and without any registration. Our specialists strongly advise you to try the game now before thinking about playing in real mode.

🎁 Play Mines for free:

  • Launch the game from our site by clicking on "Play for Free";
  • Receive a virtual money amount;
  • ❤️ Play on Mines as much as you want!

Of course, this free mode of play on Mines does not allow real winnings. Even if you hit the jackpot, the money remains virtual and can in no way be withdrawn to your bank account. However, this demo mode is very useful for getting a feel for the game and for starting to develop some strategies without risk. Don't hesitate to play Mines for free from our site now.

Play in Real Mode on Spribe Mines

Now that you've launched Mines and tried Spribe's creation, you're probably eager to start and get closer to the maximum win of $10,000. It's possible to play with your dollards or your cryptocurrencies on a good number of quality online casinos, which are currently in partnership with Spribe provider. Follow our advice!

🤑 Playing Mines in real mode:

  • Register on a verified online casino in partnership with Spribe;
  • Deposit money into your gaming account;
  • Claim a welcome bonus;
  • Launch the "Mines" game;
  • Set up a bet;
  • ❤️ Try to find the stars to win up to $10,000!

Spribe is clearly the most popular mini-game provider in the gaming world and is therefore part of the collection of some of the best platforms of the moment. Our specialists select for you the best casinos available to play Mines, you only have to register in less than 3 minutes to try to make your first real money winnings. It's that simple!

Warning : Play responsibly on Mines

We always want to warn you about the risks associated with gambling and this time particularly about the risks of Spribe's Mines game. Despite its RTP of 97% and its maximum win of $10,000 which are very interesting, the mines game remains a game of chance where the draw is guaranteed random with Provably Fair technology. This means that even using the best strategy, you can suffer losses! That's why we recommend you always invest money that you can afford to lose on Mines. Playing responsibly is the basis when you want to start an online casino adventure.

Our review on Mines Casino Game : Avoid the bombs to win!

As with each of our tests, we want to give you an opinion on Mines. This title launched in 2021 on the gaming market is one of the first games that revisits the famous classic minesweeper and it's a great success! We had a lot of fun trying the Mines Casino game and we were able to develop a large number of strategies thanks to the many options put in place by Spribe. This publisher proves again that it is one of the best in terms of mini casino games.

Concretely, players can win a jackpot of $10,000 by simply finding stars on a grid, but can especially stop and cash out winnings at any time. We greatly appreciate having the possibility to perform a cashout even at the beginning of the game if we wish to change our mind. The RTP of 97% and the average volatility also confirm that the Mines casino game has great potential! A quick tour of the Mines demo version should allow you to form your own opinion, don't hesitate to use it right now.


Eric Van Allen - Expert writer of online casino games in Canada

Last modified on : March 4, 2024

Eric Van Allen is a renowned expert in the field of online gambling and casinos in Canada. For over a decade, he has been an integral part of this rapidly expanding industry, contributing his expertise and sharp writing skills to the understanding and democratization of this exciting world. Eric has also developed a strong network of industry professionals, which allows him to provide exclusive analysis and firsthand information to his readers. His work is appreciated for its clarity, objectivity, and commitment to always presenting reliable and up-to-date information.

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